PortaCheck Products

The BHBCheck Plus blood ketone test is an accurate and affordable test that uses one drop of blood to provide quantitative results in 5 seconds. The ketone test measures the amount of the Beta-Hydroxybutyrate (BHB) ketone in bovine blood to detect sub-clinical ketosis. This meter can also be used with the BHBCheck Plus Glucose test strips.

The IgGCheck passive transfer test is a rapid calf-side tool for the qualitative determination of immunoglobulin G (IgG) concentration in anti-coagulated whole blood. Early screening of newborn calves and quality colostrum gives them a healthy start.

The PortaBHB milk ketone test is a semi-quantitative dipstick for the detection of subclinical ketosis.  Dip the test strip into a milk sample or squirt milk directly on to it. Wait 1 minute, and compare to a color chart. The test strip changes color in the presence of BHB.  The higher the concentration of BHB, the darker the color. Available in two sizes and stable at room temperature.

This unique, patented product helps dairy producers manage their herds to improve milk quality and production.  The test is now available in two versions for cow. The original test has a 45 minute reaction time and can be used with a color chart. The PortaSCC® Quick test can be read with a color chart in 5 minutes. The 5 minute test should not be used with high fat milk.

The PortaSCC goat milk test is a somatic cell count test for early on-farm mastitis detection. This 45 minute test helps dairy goat producers to improve milk quality and production. It is sold in 40 test and 8 test packs and is read with a color chart.

UdderCheck measures Lactate Dehydrogenase (LDH), an enzyme present in milk when cells are damaged during an udder infection. LDH is correlated to SCC, but is not as easily affected by other conditions such as stress, nutrition, parity, stage of lactation, etc. LDH levels often rise earlier than somatic cell counts, making it an excellent marker for early detection of mastitis. UdderCheck is an effective tool in the monitoring of udder health.

The PortaCheck RAINBOW Calf Scours device consists of
vertical flow immunochromatographic test strips. Each test strip has a specific monoclonal antibody that captures the antigen of interest onto the membrane. Using a calf feces sample,

the test identifies the following pathogens after a 10 minute reaction time.


  • Rotavirus                                                      


  • E. coli F5


  • Cryptosporidium


  • Coronavirus

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