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Updated: Aug 20, 2019

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Hi there and welcome to PortaCheck's blog! We are so happy you joined us.

About Us

If you are not familiar with us, PortaCheck is a small, globally recognized animal health-based company. PortaCheck is a division of PortaScience, a company that has been developing technologies and providing portable, convenient tests in healthcare, veterinary, and consumer markets for 20 years. PortaScience wanted to extend their products into the agricultural realm to help dairy producers. Derived from one of PortaScience’s test devices, PortaCheck’s debut on-farm test was the PortaSCC Somatic Cell Test.

Fast forward to today – PortaCheck currently sells affordable, rapid, easy to use on-farm tests for cows, calves, goats, and foals. Our products allow producers and other industry members to screen for ketosis, metabolic health indicators, somatic cell count, IgG in passive transfer, and udder health. Simply put, we have a full line of products to assist producers, field personnel, and veterinarians in making management decisions and improving animal welfare. It doesn’t hurt to add that screening for these diseases and afflictions also helps to save money – a vital advantage in today’s economy.

We have decided to venture into the blog world with the help of our trusted consultant, Dave Lee. Dave worked as the State Dairy Consultant and County Agricultural Agent for Rutgers University Cooperative Extension for over 30 years before retiring in 2018. He is a prized part of our team and has shared with us the importance of establishing a relationship with our valued farmers. Dave is also well known, and you may have seen his friendly face representing us at a tradeshow.

PortaCheck, Portatest, Porta Check, BHB, ketosis, somatic cell count, IgG, on-farm tests, trade show, cow, bovine, solutions

Speaking of trade shows, we try our best to be present at farm, agricultural, and dairy-centered events all year long. We love to connect with customers, industry members, distributors, and educators as much as we possibly can. Be sure to keep an eye out for any posts or alerts we send out regarding our booth information and where you might find us throughout the year. You will have a 99.9% chance of locating us at these major trade shows: World Ag Expo, Central Plains Dairy Expo, Dairy Calf and Heifer Association Meeting, ADSA, AABP, NMC, World Dairy Expo, and more. Come by and say hay (get it?!).

Our Products

We’ll keep this short and sweet since we will provide detailed future posts on these individually. PortaCheck products are sold around the world in over 60 countries! Here are some short snippets on what they are and how they are useful on your farm:

  • BHBCheck Plus Blood Ketone and Glucose test system: our award-winning testing system used for fresh cow monitoring and management. Blood Beta-hydroxybutyric Acid (BHB or BHBA) testing is the gold standard for sub-clinical ketosis detection! This test requires just 1 drop of blood for each reading and provides rapid quantitative results using the ergonomic, inexpensive handheld meter. The test monitors BHB and glucose in bovine whole blood.

  • PortaBHB Milk Ketone Test: the most convenient milk dipstick test for the detection of sub-clinical ketosis. Users can simply strip right onto the dipstick or dunk it in a vial of milk, and get semi-quantitative results in 1 minute using a color chart. Our formulation is stable for 2 years, provides reliable results, and NO refrigeration is required!

  • IgGCheck Passive Transfer Calf Test: SO cool! This test uses a sample of calf whole blood (no need to spin or wait for it to separate) and detects the amount of Immunoglobulin G (IgG). IgG makes up over 80% of immunoglobulins in the blood, and IgG alone is a more useful parameter than a reading for total protein which will account for all IgG’s plus multiple other proteins within the blood. Testing a calf's blood sample using IgGCheck can indicate whether or not the young animal has ingested enough colostrum (high in IgG and only source of passive immunity) and helps indicate successful passive transfer of immunity from mom.

  • PortaSCC Milk Test: the somatic cell count test comes in 2 versions for cows – 5 minute Quick Test or 45 minute Original Test. It can be used for quarter or composite fresh milk samples. This test screens for sub-clinical mastitis and by detecting somatic cell count (SCC) at levels much lower than those complicated paddle tests. The reaction with milk turns the test strip blue, and the color is compared to a color chart for semi-quantitative results. You may have heard of the reader that provided quantitative results – stay tuned for an update. This test also comes in a 45 minute version for goats.

  • UdderCheck: a rapid early warning test for udder infection! This dipstick milk test detects lactate dehydrogenase (LDH) in milk samples. When the body experiences infection, white blood cell count increases and the body releases enzymes like LDH. An increase in LDH can be an indicator of udder trauma/infection. Users like to utilize UdderCheck to screen their herds for mastitis during lactation and at dry off.

  • Rainbow Calf Scours Test: heads up! Right now, this popular test is only available internationally. It screens for 4 major culprits in calf scours: Rotavirus, Coronavirus, e. Coli K99, and Cryptosporidium in 10 minutes.

  • MORE PRODUCTS: ooh, you’re going to like these!! Coming soon. Keep an eye out for some exciting new announcements. We like to be sure our products pass the test before release :)

Can I Buy PortaCheck Products Now?

Absolutely! Head on over to our Distributors tab on our website to find a major distributor near you. If you have any questions or want more detail, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us.

Connect With Us

We are proud of our response time with customers, inquiries, and orders. We also aim to please our customers and provide as much help as we can. You can find some fun interactive “how to” videos with Dave on our YouTube channel. We are working on expanding our “Ask Dave” library to include all of our on-farm tests.

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