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A Powerful Preventative: On-farm Testing for Ketosis

Here at PortaCheck, we are wishing you a great start to your week! We are catching up after a busy Expo and wanted to pass along some useful information to you. We published an editorial in the MWI Animal Health Fall 2019 edition of the Producer Outlook. In the article, we discuss the sneaky culprit known as subclincial ketosis. This disease is affecting your herd at this very moment, and you can't smell it.

It is important to all of us at PortaCheck that we keep learning and striving for more information. Education and information are tools that can help solve problems and create solutions. Please give this a read and if you are interested, we are here to discuss subclinical and clinical ketosis. We provide on-farm tools that you can use to monitor disease prevalence in your herd, such as the BHBCheck Plus blood ketone & glucose monitoring system or PortaBHB milk dipstick tests. These products detect beta-Hydroxybutyrate (BHB) in blood and milk respectively. Blood BHB testing is the gold standard for subclinical ketosis detection.

Enjoy some light reading and let us know what you think.

Additionally, check out our Ask Dave video on using the BHBCheck Plus blood ketone & glucose testing system.

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