PortaBHB Milk ketone test

the best milk ketone test on the market

The PortaBHB milk ketone test is a semi-quantitative milk dipstick test for the detection of subclinical ketosis in dairy cows. Simply strip milk right onto the test strip or dunk it in a vial of fresh milk, shake off excess milk, and compare the test strip to the color chart.

  • 1 minute reaction time

  • 2 year shelf life when stored at room temperature.

  • NO refrigeration required!

25-count vial

PortaBHB milk ketone test

This vial contains 25 milk dipstick test strips. 

100-count vial

PortaBHB milk ketone test

This vial contains 100 milk dipstick test strips.

What is ketosis and why should I test my herd?

Ketosis is a serious condition that affects dairy cows. Studies show its incredible impact on milk quality, production, and animal health. 


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