Below is a list of dealers or distributors currently serving the Middle East & Africa. Please scroll down to find the distributor in your location.
Our dealer/distributor network is expanding, so check back frequently for new information. If you have any difficulty in obtaining our products, please contact us by calling 856-231-8894.


Distributors in the Middle East and Africa 

Order our on-farm tests for ketosis and mastitis from these distributors in your area.

Middle East and Africa

Ayavet Eurl (Algeria)

+213 24 39 75 70

UdderCheck in Rwanda

Tzur Agriculture (Israel)


UdderCheck in Rwanda

ABS Total Cattle Management (Kenya, Malawi, Rwanda, Tanzania, Uganda, Zambia, Zimbabwe)


UdderCheck in Rwanda

ARTAT Enterprise (Saudi Arabia)

+966 11 492 2288

UdderCheck in Rwanda

Milab Scientific (United Arab Emirates)

+971 (4) 2588988

UdderCheck in Rwanda

Regency Trading & Marketing (Egypt)


UdderCheck in Rwanda

Al-Muddather for Vet & Trade (Jordan)


UdderCheck in Rwanda

FirmaPro (Morocco)


UdderCheck in Rwanda

MEDIVET (Turkey)

+ 90 266 241 05 32

UdderCheck in Rwanda
PortaCheck in Rwanda
PortaCheck cows