Below is list of dealers or distributors currently serving Europe and Russia. The countries are listed in alphabetical order.
Our dealer/distributor network is expanding, so check back frequently for new information. If you have any difficulty obtaining our products, please contact us immediately through our toll-free line @ 866.500.7722 (U.S. only) or 856-231-8894.

Order our on-farm tests for ketosis, mastitis and passive transfer from these distributors in your area.

Distributors in Europe and Russia

AgriProm, Austria

QuIdee GmbH, Austria

AgriProm, Belgium

Probiotik, Bosnia & Herzegovina

Biokom Trendafilov, Bulgaria

Probiotik Croatia

Alexandrou & Panayiotopoulos, Cyprus

MVDr. Martin Vlčka, Czech Republic

Viking, Denmark

Semex, Finland

Viking, Finland

AgriProm, France

QuIdee GmbH, Germany

Probiotik, Hungary

Baltic Agro, Lithuania

AgriProm, Luxembourg

AgriProm, Holland

AHI Norge, Norway

AgriProm, Poland

AgriProm, Romania

Bewitech, Russia

Biokom Trendafilov LTD, Serbia

M.P.Trade, spol. s r.o., Slovakia

Albaitaritza S.A., Spain

Agricam AB, Sweden

SweVet PIAB, Sweden

QuIdee GmbH, Switzerland

Biotechimpulse LLC, Ukraine

Millwood Products, United Kingdom

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