Below is a list of dealers or distributors currently serving Central and South America. Please scroll down to find the distributor in your location.
Our dealer/distributor network is expanding, so check back frequently for new information. If you have any difficulty in obtaining our products, please contact us immediately through our toll-free line @ 866.500.7722 (U.S. only) or 856-231-8894.

Distributors in Central and South America

Order our on-farm tests for ketosis and mastitis from these distributors in your area.

Centro Agrolechero, Colombia

SOAGRO, Costa Rica

Productos La Vaquita, Dominican Republic

Nutrava Cia. Ltda, Ecuador

Acqua S.A. de C.V., El Salvador

Acqua S.A. de C.V., Honduras

Acqua S.A. de C.V., Nicaragua

Calfsolution SA, Panama

Battilana Internacional, Peru

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