PortaCheck, Moorestown, NJ

On-farm tests for the animal health industry

PortaCheck, Inc. was founded in 2004 by PortaScience, Inc. to focus on the marketing and sale of portable testing devices for the dairy industry. PortaScience is a nationally recognized company that develops technologies for easy-to-use tests in the healthcare, veterinary, and consumer markets. PortaCheck currently offers a variety of on-farm tests for detection of ketosis, mastitis, passive transfer, and more.
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Our Mission

Our company mission is to market affordable, easy to use, on-farm tests for the dairy industry, thereby enabling dairy producers to improve milk quality and manage herd health. PortaCheck is a leader in on-farm testing in the agricultural sector, with a full line of products to assist producers in making management decisions and improving animal welfare.

  • Portacheck was formed in 2004 to market portable testing products to the dairy industry.

  • We launched our first product, the PortaSCC® milk test, at the World Dairy Expo in October, 2004 - leading to national recognition for the parent company.

  • PortaCheck received three European innovative product development awards.

  • Products are now available in over 65 countries.


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