UdderCheckTM - Early warning test for udder infections

PortaCheck is proud to announce UdderCheckTM, our latest on-farm test designed to detect udder infection in dairy cows.  This two-minute dipstick test that uses milk will be a useful tool for dairy producers around the world.

UdderCheck milk testJust squirt or dip. Read results in 2 minutes.
If it reads purple, you have a problem!

UdderCheck Instructions

UdderCheckTM measures Lactate Dehydrogenase (LDH), an enzyme present in milk when cells are damaged during an udder infection. LDH is correlated to SCC, but is not as easily affected by other conditions such as stress, nutrition, parity, stage of lactation, etc. LDH levels often rise earlier than somatic cell counts, making it an excellent marker for early detection of udder infections. Several milking systems have recently incorporated the measurement of LDH as an early indicator of mastitis and to monitor udder health.

UdderCheck Flyer

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Rapid 2 minute test for LDH in milk – Severe infections will cause a color change within a minute.

Cow-side test - User can squirt right onto test strip to check individual quarters or dip test strip into composite samples taken cow-side or in-line.

Stable for 12 months at 2°C – 25°C (36°F – 77°F)  in portable easy-to-open desiccant vial.

Low cost tool for managing mastitis and monitoring treatment.

Based on limited field data:                                        Specificity -  94%     Sensitivity - 93%

Easy to read color chart with
4 levels of infection probability

UdderCheck™  test result

Infection Probability 

LDH Level 



<100 U/L



100 - 200 U/L



200 - 500 U/L


Very high

>500 U/L