The PortaSCC® milk test  is a somatic cell count test for early on-farm mastitis detection in cows.

This unique, patented product can help dairy producers manage their herds and improve milk quality and production.  The test is now available in two versions for cow. The original test has a 45 minute reaction time and can be used with a digital reader. The new PortaSCC® Quick test can be read with a color chart in 5 minutes.

100 test kit

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for the PortaSCC milk test 

PortaSCC Quick Test Kit

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for the PortaSCC Quick Test

The PortaSCC® milk test is:

no need to wait for lab results.
Easy to Use
3 simple steps. Apply milk, add activator solution and read results.
ideal for on-farm decision-making.
compact and easy to carry.
pays for itself in increased premiums and production.
one or many tests can be done at a time.

Award Winning Product

  • SPACE 2006 Silver Innovation Award 
  • Eurotier 2006
  • 2008 International Agricultural Fair in Novi Sad, Serbia Gold Medal