PortaCheck to Sponsor Virtual Farm Tour at World Dairy Expo 2012 Apr. 17, 2012

PortaCheck is proud to sponsor a virtual farm tour at the 2012 World Dairy Expo featuring the Platinum National Dairy Quality Award Winners - Charina and Ryan Dellar of Preston Cole, MI. The Dellars are members of the Michigan Milk Producers Association.


Dellar Family



PortaCheck interviewed by Farm TV Program at the World Dairy Expo Dec. 14, 2011


TV Interview at World Dairy Expo


PortaCheck Sales Manager, Toni Hopkins, was interviewed at the World Dairy Expo 2011 by Dan Wilson of the “American Farm and Country” TV show. The interview was aired in November 2011 and is available on YouTube at the following link:

Wai Tak Law Sep. 16, 2010


Wai Tak Law


We are profoundly saddened to inform you that Wai Law, president of our company and beloved friend, passed away on Saturday, September 11. He will be deeply missed by all of those fortunate enough to have known him. In his memory we will persevere and grow, attempting each day to fulfill his vision for his companies. 

With deep regret,

The Employees of PortaCheck

Ayoma Finlay Presents PortaCheck Products in Peru Jun. 16, 2010

Ayoma Finlay, VP of Business Development, was invited to make a presentation about PortaCheck products to educators, veterinarians and dairymen in Peru. The presentation was a pre-conference event organized by our Peruvian distributor, Battilana Internacional, in conjunction with a Symposium on Advances in Dairy Production sponsored by The Facultad de Zootecnia, Universidad Nacional Agraria La Molina. Ms. Finlay spoke about the use of the PortaSCC and PortaBHB milk tests in on-farm management of mastitis and ketosis.

PortaBHB milk ketone test launched! Jan. 1, 2010

PortaCheck launched the PortaBHB milk ketone test in January 2010. The test is sold in vials of 25 tests and uses a color chart for the estimation of Beta-hydroxybutyrate or BHB, a key indicator of sub-clinical ketosis. The test gives results in a minute that can save a producer time and money is dealing with this growing problem on dairy farms.

PortaBHB milk ketone test announced at the World Dairy Expo 2009! Oct. 2, 2009

PortaCheck announced a new milk ketone test at the World Dairy Expo 2009 that will allow dairy producers to have a quick and affordable way to screen for sub-clinical ketosis. Visitors to the booth from all over the world indicated that this would be a valuable on-farm tool to manage this problem that not only affects herd health but also the production level of most modern dairy farms.

PortaSCC Goat milk test launched! Jan. 7, 2009

We are pleased to announce that after working closely with dairy goat producers, processors, and the University of Wisconsin, PortaCheck launched the goat somatic cell test kit earlier this month. This test uses the same technology as the cow test, but has been especially adapted for goat. It is available in the U.S.A. from Nelson-Jameson and a growing network of local dealers. Many of our international dealers will soon be adding this product.

PortaCheck sponsors Dairy Management article in American Dairymen e-newsletter! Jan. 5, 2009

In an effort to assist dairymen with herd health management practices, PortaCheck periodically sponsors articles in various dairy publications. The most recent one dealt with Somatic Cell Management in Fresh Cows and appeared in the American Dairymen e-newsletter in January 2009.

PortaSCC receives favorable review on the Dairy-L online discussion group. Apr. 23, 2008

In February 2008, Professor Alvaro Garcia of South Dakota State University made the following entry in an online mastitis detector discussion: There is also another interesting device we have tested in the field (and if I am not mistaken was tested also at the U of WI and Cornell University). The company is Portacheck, and the test involves an individual reading strips with a small well where you place one drop of milk and three drops of reagent. It allows one to read results in 45 minutes either using a colorimetric scale or a digital reader. We have found them quite reliable, easy to use, and inexpensive.

The PortaSCC milk test was well-received at Fieldays 2007 in New Zealand! May. 16, 2007

The PortaSCC milk test was introduced by Milfos International Ltd. at Fieldays 2007 in New Zealand. Milfos has recently become a distributor for the milk test throughout New Zealand.

World Wide Sires announces agreement with PortaCheck! - Sept 2006 Sep. 20, 2006

World Wide Sires, Ltd. announces agreement to market the PortaSCC milk test in countries in Europe, Asia, Africa and the Middle East.