PortaSCC® Goat Milk Test Testimonials

Shindelar GoatsAlan Shindelar of Waucoma, IA uses the PortaSCC® Goat milk test to manage his 300 goat herd of Saanen, Alpine and Toggenburg breeds. He uses the test at freshening and to find high count does to keep out of the bulk tank. He checks composite samples and halves to keep mastitis at a minimum in his herd.

Grenada Project

"Great Farm Tool! Love it." says Jennifer Downey of the Night Sky Farm in Brookneal, VT . Jennifer uses the PortaSCC® Goat milk test to test suspicious and monitor treated does. She first tests each doe with the CMT and then checks borderline does with the PortaSCC test. She finds the readings to be accurate when compared to the lab results.Winking Goat